spring/summer 2015

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Isabell de Hillerin broadens her focus for the spring/summer collection 2015, letting her observation rest on variety, on the special and on the unknown.

Surrounded by endless wealth that is beyond grasp, neither bundled nor united. Only a selection of countless impressions and moments are truly perceived, but the uniqueness is often invisible – beyond.

A moment that stops—a pause, a deceleration—enables the beauty of the unknown to be recognized and valued. The veiled view of a rapid paced life is cleared. Isabell de Hillerin is fascinated by the variety of shapes, colours and textures. A celebration of the symbiosis between traditional craftsmanship and modern cuts—encased by delicate, feminine elegance.

Berlin-based womenswear designer Isabell de Hillerin’s eponymous label sensitively reflects a personal interpretation of contemporary and sustainable fashion. Elegant and structured cuts are combined with folkloric, handmade Romanian and Moldavian traditions and materials, aiming to strengthen the local textile craft. Established forms are deconstructed and reinterpreted, transmitting a position between new design and old tradition. Her work with the highly skilled craftsmen hopes to counteract our current loss of culture.

Photography Image: Jette Stolte
Hair&Make-up: Sarah Marx
Stylist: Anja Niedermeier
Model: Johanna Z. | IZAIO Management

Photography Lookbook: Phillip Koll