spring/summer 2014

Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_01_2209_FINAL_EFFEKT1Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_02_2254_FINAL2Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_03_2315_FINAL1Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_04_2456_FINAL1Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_05_2559 KopieIsabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_05_2581_FINAL_EFFEKT1Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_06_2743_FINAL_EFFEKT3Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_07_2913_FINAL_EFFEKTIsabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_08_2944Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_09_3028_FINAL1Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_10_3119Isabell_de_Hillerin_SS2013_11_3141_FINAL2


The Spring/Summer collection 2014 ‘relief’ by Isabell de Hillerin embodies a combination of elegance, vigor and grace.

Excitement and tension lie in the thick summer air, as in the distance, the roar of the race is capturing. Heavy, dark clouds elegantly rumble through the dimming skies. The atmosphere is charged with the unmistakable scent of change.

While the familiar orchestra of pounding hooves on the awaiting soil remains fast and consistent, the wind announces its arrival with powerful gusts. The clouds release the eager raindrops in their downward journey, honoring this prestigious moment with clarity and pureness.

Photography Image: Jette Stolte
Hair&Make-up: Sarah Marx
Stylist: Anja Niedermeier
Model: Lia & Odette Pavlova

Photography Lookbook: Phillip Koll