autumn/winter 2014/15



Designer Isabell de Hillerin defines the focus of her Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection ‘opaque’ as the allure of the unapproachable; imparting subtle, isolated elegance through concealment.

A transparent veil enshrouds one’s beauty and creates distance, while simultaneously tracing the clear outlines of a feminine silhouette – filling the surrounding space with a perceptible presence. The disguise creates a spatial
self-possession, providing one’s radiance with a stage of ubiquity.

The individual is nearly unrecognizable amid the opacity, while a clear personality is formed by a strong yet feminine composure.

Isolated and passive, an unapproachable elegance arises – an individual identity as dark and delicate as shadow play


Photography: Katia Wik | Styling: Ha Phan Bich | Hair&Make-up: Sarah Marx